Wandern - Sommer-Urlaub in Wagrain
Bike-Park - Sommer-Urlaub in Wagrain
Stoneman Taurista - Sommer-Urlaub in Wagrain
Hochseilgarten - Sommer-Urlaub in Wagrain
Wagraini's Grafenberg - Sommer-Urlaub in Wagrain

Welcome to the mountain paradise

Summer vacation in Wagrain
in the SalzburgerLand

Back to the roots - that means for us: to come to rest, to be completely with ourselves. Nowhere does this work as well as in the middle of the mountains: swap everyday gray for rays of sunshine, routine for adventure and stress for pure relaxation during your vacation in Wagrain. The wonderful nature invites you to relax and be active: hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking and e-biking, swimming, soccergolf, Flyingfox,... - whatever you feel like at the moment. We will be happy to tell you one or the other secret place, where the mountain experience is particularly easy or the Pongau delicacies taste extraordinarily good. Because: Nothing beats a vacation in the mountains in Salzburg Land!

Wandern - Sommer-Urlaub in Wagrain

Mountains all around

You can't get past the impressive peaks here in Wagrain! Whether you climb them athletically or prefer to float towards them in a gondola, arriving at the top is simply breathtaking! Start your tours directly from the hotel or let the hiking bus take you comfortably to the starting point and back. The mountain world of Wagrain offers you the finest mountain experience for every taste!

Wasserwelt Wagrain - Sommer-Urlaub in Wagrain
  • Wasserwelt Wagrain: indoor & outdoor pool with a total of 1,450 m2 water surface, 6 slides, children's pool, large sauna area,...
  • Ropes courses in Wagrain (only for groups) & Kleinarl, 3 via ferratas, climbing hall
  • Flying Fox course Kesselfallschlucht in Kleinarl, Flying Fox Almrauschflieger from the Wagrainer Alm
  • Tandem paragliding bookable in Wagrain, more action sports offers in the neighboring villages
  • Fishing & Angling: Kleinarler & Wagrainer Ache, Tappenkarsee